Nomadic Travel & Work

A place for us to document our travel adventures as we work our way around the world.

In October 2013 we left the UK for Thailand to teach English to Thai children on a six-month internship with I-to-I Tefl. Since then we’ve worked in China as English teachers and explored much of China and South East Asia. Our new TEFL adventure is based in Spain.

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  • Where are we at the moment? Albacete, Spain

  • Skype availability? Yes

  • Email availability? Yes

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Like what you see?

£5 is a drink each
£20 is a 1-course meal each
£30 is 1 night in a cheap hotel for both
You can donate any amount you please at the button below and we’re incredibly grateful for anything anyone can offer to keep us going.

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Thoughts on TEFL as a job & lifestyle

Resources for when leaving the UK

First Aid kit

Poipet crossing

TEFL internship pros and cons

Sleeper train from Udon Thani to Bangkok

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Quick links:





Sunset at sea Cua Lo


Chinese enjoying the view


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